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I want to start new chapter in Explore Computer World blog, is to add review of free application of the day. It could be Price Change of the app or just free app that according to the author you would want to have. If you are interested comment here.


Wibiya’s New Platform – 1st Edition

Brand New Application Pages and a New Work Flow

Watch this video to see the new web application installation flow:


What to watch on TV? Prime Times: Angie Harmon, Denis Leary & Teen Moms.

Editor's Top 5 Picks
Summer Fun: America's Got Talent
Summer Fun: America's Got Talent
Summer's top-rated show sizzles as the semifinal round continues. What acts will move on and get a spot in the coveted Top 10?
More: Tuesday at 9pm ET on NBC


Google announces free phone calling service from Gmail

Google recently made Google Voice in its Gmail service, allowing your microphone-equipped computer (Mac or PC) to call any US or Canadian landline for free within your email. That's the best such service we've seen. (For comparison, Skype currently charges 2.1 cents/minute via pay-as-you-go or 1.2 cents/minute on a monthly plan for computer-to-landline calls.)
Of note, international calls are also possible but do cost more. See Google's country calling list for fee rates.

Save Signal on iPhone 4. Less dropped calls. Solutions for iPhone 4 antenna concerns.

Due to placing the hand over the antenna on the left-hand corner of the phone many iPhone 4 users are experiencing a loss of signal strength, dropped calls, and also, data connections.

There have been many recommendations on how to solve the problem, some say to avoid placing hand over the left-hand corner to prevent contact with the antennas, some to use the bulky case, or duct tape. It may help reduce the problem, but iPhone won't look and feel the same, and something so stylish will become ugly and bulky.