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I am Vitaliy, and I was born in Ukraine. When I was 12 my uncle gave my family a present, a computer. It had 32 mb of RAM, Windows 95, 133 MHz, if these numbers mean anything to you, then you're probably smilling. Well, I'm glad we didn't have any better computer at that time. That computer gave me, my brothers, and friends ability to study it inside and out. Then, I had a course of fixing computers and computers problems, still in Ukraine. Now, I live in USA, TN, and going to TSU, I was trying to get to many different programs to continue my education. So, now I'm on my 3rd year in school still without clear major in mind, taking the classes that I think would help me in my future. Thanks for reading about me. Check out my blog (explorecomputerworld.blogspot.com), follow it, don't forget to comment.

I respond to all comments asking a question or such and contact email too. Please, dont be afraid to do one of the two if you have a question. You will get an answer.

Our goal here at Explore Computer World is to help people get all of the technology guidance and support that they can get. Hopefully, through this blog, we can help people learn what they need to learn.

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I am Andrew Sanders, and I am the blogger behind Explore Computer World. Formerly, I was basically the "designer" putting together templates and such for even Explore Computer World. I guest posted here now and then too. I love blogging. I write as much as I can, sometimes, I have all the posts I'd need in a month already written out. Check my website rootz.us.tt

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