DISQUS Comments

Explore Computer World has just decided to change from Bloggers normal comments to Disqus comments. If we believe that we should switch back, then, we will. Starting with this post Disqus comments have been enabled. You can now comment with more than just your Google Account. You can do a video comment, a Twitter comment, a comment with your Yahoo account, or, no account!


Template Change!!!

I was thinking that Explore Computer World needed a new, modern template. After 37 hours of work and effort, I finally realeased it to the public and put it to the blog. I love the new template and how the blog looks.

Social Media Sites

Here are a few useful Social Media websites!


31 Days to Build A Better Blog

I have been meening to buy this book for some time now but I didn't get it until the day long sale came. I bought ProBlogger's 31


Rootz Web Design

I have just realeased Rootz Web Design. Rootz is basically my company for designing websites, logos etc. You can buy these products on sale this month. Full premium websites are $25... makeovers are $15 and logos are a small $5!


Facebook Lite: When does Facebook stop progressing?

This morning, Facebook has just released a new version of itself; Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is basically the original Facebook, yet, it is much easier to navigate and get around. Facebook reilized why Twitter was so popular; it was much faster and easier to use. So now, Facebook creates its own fast



Recently, Blogger has finally came out with its "read more" feature. People have been bugging Blogger for this feature for years now, so they can make their blogs look even more like professional websites.

Helpful Toolbars: Wibiya

Wibiya from Modern Patterns has been a hit with many active bloggers. It is a widget that is a toolbar that works with Wordpress, Blogger, and many other blogging platforms that allows viewers to get up to date with your news. Here are a few cool features from Wibiya...


Some Changes...

As you can tell, there has not been many posts lately on Explore Computer World. Vitaliy has been very lately and has not been able to do much here lately. So I am here to help bring Explore Computer World back!