Free iPod Touch and iPhone application, apps for free.

I want to start new chapter in Explore Computer World blog, is to add review of free application of the day. It could be Price Change of the app or just free app that according to the author you would want to have. If you are interested comment here.


Wibiya’s New Platform – 1st Edition

Brand New Application Pages and a New Work Flow

Watch this video to see the new web application installation flow:


What to watch on TV? Prime Times: Angie Harmon, Denis Leary & Teen Moms.

Editor's Top 5 Picks
Summer Fun: America's Got Talent
Summer Fun: America's Got Talent
Summer's top-rated show sizzles as the semifinal round continues. What acts will move on and get a spot in the coveted Top 10?
More: Tuesday at 9pm ET on NBC


Google announces free phone calling service from Gmail

Google recently made Google Voice in its Gmail service, allowing your microphone-equipped computer (Mac or PC) to call any US or Canadian landline for free within your email. That's the best such service we've seen. (For comparison, Skype currently charges 2.1 cents/minute via pay-as-you-go or 1.2 cents/minute on a monthly plan for computer-to-landline calls.)
Of note, international calls are also possible but do cost more. See Google's country calling list for fee rates.

Save Signal on iPhone 4. Less dropped calls. Solutions for iPhone 4 antenna concerns.

Due to placing the hand over the antenna on the left-hand corner of the phone many iPhone 4 users are experiencing a loss of signal strength, dropped calls, and also, data connections.

There have been many recommendations on how to solve the problem, some say to avoid placing hand over the left-hand corner to prevent contact with the antennas, some to use the bulky case, or duct tape. It may help reduce the problem, but iPhone won't look and feel the same, and something so stylish will become ugly and bulky.


Wibiya Toolbar - Introducing New Premium Features


Introducing New Premium Features for Your Wibiya Toolbar

Now you can add a brand new set of tools and lots of fantastic features to your toolbar.
Upgrade your account to one of three premium packages:

Great for Blogs & Personal Sites

  • Create your own custom toolbar look (width, height, color, and much more)
  • Add your own brand to the toolbar
  • Icon Bank with hundreds of icons to chose from (coming soon!)


College about to start for most of us! What to do?


I have been off for the summer, and now I want to start with a good news. First, if you're in college or about to go to college or you're parenting a college student you might want to visit a blog that my dearest friend just started. It is going to cover many tips for college students: how to pick a college, how to be better student, lots of college jokes, entertainments, videos, college pictures, and much more. If you interested I would love to know that you have visited it. Please leave a comment! Yes, I will give the link, it is:



Photographic memory. Watch recreation of Tokyo and Rome.

When a person has photographic memory or total recall this is called eidetic memory. It is the ability to recall sounds, images, or objects from one’s memory with extreme accuracy. the drawings of Stephen Wiltshire (who is also an autistic savant) – his recreation of Tokyo is shown in the video above and his recreation of Rome is shown in the video below.  


Lost Books

I have bought a Ipod Touch the newest version of it 32GB. And I have downloaded some applications to read e-books on it.

I have found this collection of Lost Books that include:

Here are the link to download them 

Lost Books.zip 


Kingda Ka, the world's biggest, fastest coaster

Kingda Ka, the world's biggest, fastest coaster, would you want to ride this one? Maybe be you already did, share your experience, please.


Fixing a ZIP file

Alex wrote me: "I know many zip files on my computer which are corrupted. But today I have found an right tool. It recovered my zip archives for seconds and absolutely free of charge -ZIP fixer. This tool helped some of friends too and they thanked me a lot. I have been using for some hours,but it likes me."


You can get up to 30% cash-back!

Hi, I wanted to let you know about this website that I found called Mr. Rebates.

What is Mr. Rebates? It's an online shopping mall where you get cash-back rebates plus money-saving coupons on any purchase that you make through their partner stores. You can shop at hundreds of online stores like Dell, Office Depot, Old Navy, Macy's, Best Buy and many more. You can get up to 30% cash-back!

Take a look at the site when you get a chance. Why pay full price online when you can get a cash back discount on ALL of your online shopping? Membership is FREE and there are absolutely no strings attached. You will also get a $5.00 bonus added to your account for joining today!

Barnes & Noble Dell eBay Office Depot Old Navy

Disclaimer: This email message was sent by a friend who is a member of the Mr. Rebates website. The message was not generated by the Mr. Rebates website and was generated by your friend using a function of the Mr. Rebates website. Your privacy is of the utmost importance and any email address used by your friend is not used for any marketing purposes.


Shop, earn, get 2% back. Join eBay Bucks!

What is eBay Bucks?
eBay Bucks is a rewards program for eBay members. If you join, you'll automatically earn rewards in the form of eBay Bucks based on your qualifying purchases. Every calendar quarter, the eBay Bucks you earned over that 3 month period will be issued to you in the form of an eBay Bucks certificate. You can use this certificate to buy more things on eBay!

Does this program cost anything?
Participation in eBay Bucks is FREE! There is no cost to enroll in the program. 


The Microsoft Corp. has presented to developers the ninth version of the browser of Internet Explorer.

The Microsoft Corp. has presented to developers the ninth version of the browser of Internet Explorer. On the company plan, the refreshed program should reduce backlog from competitors, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera.

According to the spent tests, IE9 much faster the predecessor of Internet Explorer 8. Besides, the new browser has bypassed on speed Opera 10.10, however 10.50 development of Microsoft has conceded to program Opera.

One of features IE9 is convenience in operation with video- and audiofiles. To look rollers and to listen to music in the ninth version Explorer it is possible without installation of special plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash.


Show your ad on relevant websites!

Did you know that in addition to showing your AdWords ad on Google search, you can also show it on websites that your customers visit?
The Google content network is a large, diverse network of different kinds of websites that partner with Google. On this network, you can show your ad to potential customers when they're looking at websites related to your product or services.

Why show my ads on websites as well as search pages?


Photoshop Speed Painting. You'll be amazed!

Really amazing job in photoshop! See more videos!

Prepaid Mastercard with no Activation Fees

Lowest Payment Threshold

Starting March, Infolinks is proud to announce the industry's lowest payment threshold of $50 to all publishers, using Payoneer and PayPal.
Due to the high processing fees involved with Bank wires and regular ACH - the payment threshold for payments via Bank Wire or regular ACH will be increased to $400. If your monthly earnings are less than that threshold at the end of the month, these funds will be carried over to the next month.


Write eye-catching ads-- Adwords help. Improve your ad, imporve your traffic!

Are your ads as attractive to your prospective customers as they could be?
Your customers choose to go to your website over your competitors' based only on what they see in your ads. If your ads don't grab their attention, you could be missing out on valuable sales, leads or traffic.

I don't know what to put in my ad. Help!


Comcast present Norton Security Suite. Superior Protection, Fastest Performance.

As we wrote before at Get Protected! that you may have free antivirus with your internet provider.

Comcast Presents

Norton Security Suite

Superior Protection, Fastest Performance*

So, Comcast switch from McAfee to Norton.

The subscription to McAfee will end on May 12, 2010.


Changes coming to Get Satisfaction

If you have ever noticed a button that says "Feedback" on it. That is Get Satisfaction button to our Explore Computer World Get Satisfaction community where we were answering questions. Today, I got email from their team talking about changes. So I have posted it here for you:


25 Things I hate about Facebook or best of JulianSmith.tv

1.  25 Things I hate about Facebook. Let the video tell what they are.


How to stop Google Buzz from showing in my Gmail?

An extension of its Gmail platform, Google Buzz allows users to share photos, links, status updates and videos through Gmail or through mobile technology that is very similar to Facebook and/or Twitter. 

It uses an algorithm to add friends based on those with who you communicate with the most. And it uses your Google profile for your information. 

Google Buzz Ad Parody. Watch it and laugh!

I really enjoyed this Google Buzz Ad parody! Made me laugh about the butterflies!
Warning! After watching this ad parody, you might want to "google" the butterflies, too.


RocketDock- application launcher!

RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization. With each item completely customizable there is no end to what you can add and launch from the dock.
Now with added Taskbar support your minimized windows can appear as icons on the dock. This allows for better productivity and accessibility.


Backup all your Online Accounts, Free Until 1/31

I just signed up for Backupify, the leading social media Backup provider. Backupify makes secure, automated, daily backups of your online accounts. Backupify supports backup of Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Wordpress, Basecamp, Flickr, and more... 15 services in total. Best of all, Backupify is free if you sign up before Jan 31st.


Don't buy textbooks, rent them!

Let’s be realistic. What would your friends rather read about … your latest dating woes or a way that they can save money? Post this copy to your blog.
Sample blog:
Did you know that the average student will spend over $500 per term buying textbooks? Seems like an awful lot of money to buy textbooks that often get opened one time, right? Well, with Chegg.com, you will save hundreds!
So stop wasting your money and start renting from Chegg.com. I’m on the bandwagon and I’ve saved enough to buy all my term papers! Not really, but I have saved some serious cash by Chegging my books. I have a promo code that will save you an additional 5% off your total order, use CC114893.
Want proof?
Essential Biology by Campbell, Reece & Simon is $83.18 if you buy it on Amazon.com. If you rent it on Chegg.com, it’s only $11.78. That’s a savings of over $71!
It’s so simple, just search for the books you need and place your order. Chegg will ship them to you fast and at the end of the term you ship them back for free. What’s really cool is that they plant a tree for every book that you rent.
Don’t forget to visit Chegg.com and use promo code CC114893.