The Magic Mouse for Mac

Company Apple, one of leading innovators in manufacture of personal computers and multimedia means, has begun release of the innovative manipulator which has received name "the Magic mouse".


Did you know in Windows 7 you can do Disk Defragmentation in 77 Seconds?

Windows 7 is my favorite OS so far, Mac is in trouble. I like many improvements and one of them I want to share with you, today, it's the disk defragmenter. It is scheduled on weekly job by default at 1:00 AM on new installs.


how do i stop facebook lite, and use normal facebook

I want to stop using facebook lite and use normal facebook.com. So how can I fix it?

In this article we were talking about Facebook Lite. But what if you tried it and don't like it? How to change back?


How to get free internet on your Tmobile phone

You can get free internet on your T-mobile phone, it's not some kinda of hack or something illegal. If you have T-mobile you probably have t-zones, the internet icon in phones menu that on my phone looks like this:



A few days ago, the USA have took another big step in technology. The PowerMat was realeased. The PowerMat is a mat that wirelessly charges all of your favorite devices with only one wire, the plug for the mat itself...


Increase Your Blog's Technorati Backlinks

Does Anyone want to increase their number of backlinks on Technorati? If so, then join the movement on Explore Computer World and watch your blog grow with us.


Pulse smartpen from Livescribe.

As usually, we are talking about technology, and I want to share with you today one interesting invention. Many of you probably already hear of it. It's a Pulse smartpen from Livescribe. The Livescribe Pulse Digital Smartpen records your notes in two ways: it makes digital copies of everything you write by hand while recording audio at the same time.

MS office shortcut keys

This is a guest post from Salman of Blogging Tips

A-Z Shortcut keys:
  1. Ctrl+A To select all
  2. Ctrl+B Apply bold formatting
  3. Ctrl+C to copy
  4. Ctrl+D Change the font


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Microsoft's Try at Google

Microsoft has launched their search engine, Bing. Though Bing is still "just a search engine" it is gaining on Google. Bing has many new and advanced features that are outside of Google's reach. Even though Google is one of the the worlds biggest companies, Bing might just be the better search engine...


95 New Artistic Google Chrome Themes

At first, when Google Chrome added themes there was none that grabbed my interest, I tried them, but got back to default. Today, Official Google Blog shared the news that they added Artistic Google Chrome Themes. I went there and counted and it was 95 of them, I bet there is enough for each personality.


45 Nature WideScreen Wallpapers Free

Very cute collection of Nature Wide Screen Wallpapers for the desktop!!! Grab it for free!!!

wallpaper Photobucket