10 Great Apps For Mac

1.) Stuffit
Can virtually unstuff or unpack any file, including .rar files.

2.) Tidyup
Enables you to check for duplicate files or programs. Great for clearing up space on your mac.

3.) Adium
A simple to use, all in one, Instant Messaging client. Supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and many other IM clients.

4.) Firefox
A great alternative to safari. Runs smooth, and with all the customizable options, you can make it your own.

5.) Skype
Free phone calls over the internet. Superb quality, what more is there to say?

6.) VLC
A video player that supports just about every video code out there.

7.) Google Earth
Zoom in on planet Earth and check out all the coolest places anywhere in the world. An awesome program.

8.) Bootcamp
Install windows on your mac.

9.) Limewire
Easy to use file sharing program.

10.) Disk Inventory X
App that scans your mac and shows what files take up the most space. Pretty handy.

Nick Piekarz


Get Protected

Computer became part of our life, we use it everyday for checking e-mails, social sites, watching videos on youtube, share information with our family and friends. We value our privacy and our information and would not want someone we did not trust with it to use it. That is why we have to have good anti-virus program installed on our computers. Good antivirus program cost about $60 per year... Is there anyway we can avoid paying that much? Yes, we can! This blog is about how can we get protected, and for some Internet users it is for FREE. The major cable Hight-Speed Internet Service Providers gives you  free Security Suite ( Comcast, Charter, Road Running, Cox). 

So, how can you get it? Check out customer benefits page on your service provider's website. 
Did you know that many Service Providers gives Security Suite to their users for free? Does your provider gives you free Security Suite? Did you use it? If you found out this post helpful, say "thanks". Need more help? Comment.


Free in-home wireless broadband service throught the toilet by Google.

Google TiSP

I could not believe what I saw today in the internet. Google provides, the funniest, free wireless broadband for your home. It's old joke but I did not know about it earlier. So, if you one of those who didn't know about it, check it out http://www.google.com/tisp/

TiSP: Going with the flow

Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines.
Installing TiSP
Installing a typical home TiSP system is a quick, easy and largely sanitary process -- provided you follow these step-by-step instructions very, very carefully.


Google Chrome Browser

First program that I want to introduce is
Google Chrome Browser.
I started using it when it first launched.
I want to list couple things that I like about Google Chrome.
First, we live in very fast productive world, and that's what we want that our Internet Browser work fast, to check our emails, and to visit our social networking websites. Google Chrome is one of the fastest browser.
Second, when our identity is so important and our computers hold so many important information, we don't want no one to break it. Chrome gives you ability to explore the web safe.
Third, with Chrome exploring the web is easier. Since we are using different search engines so much, the address bar that sits at the top of the normal Chrome window simplifies our Internet experience by doubling as a search box.
Fourth, "Spell-checker option", now you don't have to click spell check every time because Chrome checks it automatically. That's one of the functions I need when I explore the Internet.
Finally, simpler downloads. When you download a file from a website, the downloads bar appears at the bottom of the tab where you can monitor the progress of your downloading file. The file button indicates the size of the download and the amount of time remaining until the completion of the download. An arrow appears in the tab to signify a download in progress.

If you interested exploring this software here is the link to download

What web browser do you use, and what do you like about it?