Photographic memory. Watch recreation of Tokyo and Rome.

When a person has photographic memory or total recall this is called eidetic memory. It is the ability to recall sounds, images, or objects from one’s memory with extreme accuracy. the drawings of Stephen Wiltshire (who is also an autistic savant) – his recreation of Tokyo is shown in the video above and his recreation of Rome is shown in the video below.  


Lost Books

I have bought a Ipod Touch the newest version of it 32GB. And I have downloaded some applications to read e-books on it.

I have found this collection of Lost Books that include:

Here are the link to download them 

Lost Books.zip 


Kingda Ka, the world's biggest, fastest coaster

Kingda Ka, the world's biggest, fastest coaster, would you want to ride this one? Maybe be you already did, share your experience, please.