Windows 7 New Christmas and New Year Themepack 2010

Windows 7 News Christmas Themepack 2010

Windows 7 News Christmas Themepack 2010 | 7.8 Мб

With the approaching Christmas holidays began transforming not only the shop windows, which were adorned with various symbols of Christmas, but the user's desktop personal computers...



Microsoft® Office Professional 2010 free beta download

Office 2010 is scheduled for launch in June 2010, many users are able to test it out by downloading Office 2010 and using it till October 2010.
I have Office 2007 and I was thinking should I try it out? Well, I decided to give it a try since I can use it for free until October 2010, and more likely then I will update it to full version.


Entrecard Generator

Bloggers Entrecard Generator

We have created a brand new blog with Entrecard Generator for your convenience.  So, please visit it and add our banner to be added in the Entrecard Generator. Also, you can get free credits in short period of time.


See now how easy it is!


Best screen protector, protect the device and your eyes!

Electronic gadgets with LCD screens can be found everywhere. And the display surface is easily scratchable. Also, if you use your device outside, the display is hard to see.

iphone shown outside.jpg
There are many choices in screen protection, but only NuShield DayVue combines protection from scratches and sun glare. The NuShield DayVue has superb clarity and will allow you to read the display screen in indirect bright sun. The screen protector has an excellent anti-fingerprint layer that makes cleaning the surface easier and improves scratch resistance.

Free MP3s download from Amazon.com

Amazon.com: 25 days of free MP3s

Every day for the month of December until Christmas, Amazon.com offers a free MP3 song download.


Google wave invitations.

Today, in the morning I woke up and when I get to my inbox I got so excited because I got invitation to Google Wave.

My first impression, I really enjoyed exploring the Google Wave. I like that it's live chat, read as your partner type. It already has many extensions like: Video Chat Experience, Conference, Sudoku, Map Gadget.


Blurb: An Easy Way to Make Your E-Book

First of all, I apoligize for non-frequent posts. Vitaliy seems a little busy now adays so it might seem a little inactive. Anyways, back to the post. Blurb is an amazing system that can really help you make an e-book.


AdWords $100 Trials

Recently, as a user of AdSense, I have recieved a free AdWords $100 "trial" (gift card) just to try it out...


The Magic Mouse for Mac

Company Apple, one of leading innovators in manufacture of personal computers and multimedia means, has begun release of the innovative manipulator which has received name "the Magic mouse".


Did you know in Windows 7 you can do Disk Defragmentation in 77 Seconds?

Windows 7 is my favorite OS so far, Mac is in trouble. I like many improvements and one of them I want to share with you, today, it's the disk defragmenter. It is scheduled on weekly job by default at 1:00 AM on new installs.


how do i stop facebook lite, and use normal facebook

I want to stop using facebook lite and use normal facebook.com. So how can I fix it?

In this article we were talking about Facebook Lite. But what if you tried it and don't like it? How to change back?


How to get free internet on your Tmobile phone

You can get free internet on your T-mobile phone, it's not some kinda of hack or something illegal. If you have T-mobile you probably have t-zones, the internet icon in phones menu that on my phone looks like this:



A few days ago, the USA have took another big step in technology. The PowerMat was realeased. The PowerMat is a mat that wirelessly charges all of your favorite devices with only one wire, the plug for the mat itself...


Increase Your Blog's Technorati Backlinks

Does Anyone want to increase their number of backlinks on Technorati? If so, then join the movement on Explore Computer World and watch your blog grow with us.


Pulse smartpen from Livescribe.

As usually, we are talking about technology, and I want to share with you today one interesting invention. Many of you probably already hear of it. It's a Pulse smartpen from Livescribe. The Livescribe Pulse Digital Smartpen records your notes in two ways: it makes digital copies of everything you write by hand while recording audio at the same time.

MS office shortcut keys

This is a guest post from Salman of Blogging Tips

A-Z Shortcut keys:
  1. Ctrl+A To select all
  2. Ctrl+B Apply bold formatting
  3. Ctrl+C to copy
  4. Ctrl+D Change the font


Entrecard Advertise Your Blog for Free

Free blogging network that helps you build traffic, get more readers, and network with other bloggers.
Add to your Website or blog

Microsoft's Try at Google

Microsoft has launched their search engine, Bing. Though Bing is still "just a search engine" it is gaining on Google. Bing has many new and advanced features that are outside of Google's reach. Even though Google is one of the the worlds biggest companies, Bing might just be the better search engine...


95 New Artistic Google Chrome Themes

At first, when Google Chrome added themes there was none that grabbed my interest, I tried them, but got back to default. Today, Official Google Blog shared the news that they added Artistic Google Chrome Themes. I went there and counted and it was 95 of them, I bet there is enough for each personality.


45 Nature WideScreen Wallpapers Free

Very cute collection of Nature Wide Screen Wallpapers for the desktop!!! Grab it for free!!!

wallpaper Photobucket


DISQUS Comments

Explore Computer World has just decided to change from Bloggers normal comments to Disqus comments. If we believe that we should switch back, then, we will. Starting with this post Disqus comments have been enabled. You can now comment with more than just your Google Account. You can do a video comment, a Twitter comment, a comment with your Yahoo account, or, no account!


Template Change!!!

I was thinking that Explore Computer World needed a new, modern template. After 37 hours of work and effort, I finally realeased it to the public and put it to the blog. I love the new template and how the blog looks.

Social Media Sites

Here are a few useful Social Media websites!


31 Days to Build A Better Blog

I have been meening to buy this book for some time now but I didn't get it until the day long sale came. I bought ProBlogger's 31


Rootz Web Design

I have just realeased Rootz Web Design. Rootz is basically my company for designing websites, logos etc. You can buy these products on sale this month. Full premium websites are $25... makeovers are $15 and logos are a small $5!


Facebook Lite: When does Facebook stop progressing?

This morning, Facebook has just released a new version of itself; Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is basically the original Facebook, yet, it is much easier to navigate and get around. Facebook reilized why Twitter was so popular; it was much faster and easier to use. So now, Facebook creates its own fast



Recently, Blogger has finally came out with its "read more" feature. People have been bugging Blogger for this feature for years now, so they can make their blogs look even more like professional websites.

Helpful Toolbars: Wibiya

Wibiya from Modern Patterns has been a hit with many active bloggers. It is a widget that is a toolbar that works with Wordpress, Blogger, and many other blogging platforms that allows viewers to get up to date with your news. Here are a few cool features from Wibiya...


Some Changes...

As you can tell, there has not been many posts lately on Explore Computer World. Vitaliy has been very lately and has not been able to do much here lately. So I am here to help bring Explore Computer World back!


How to add Technorati Tags

This is guest post from Blogging Tips.
In this post I am going to show you how to add technorati tags to each of your posts?
Technorati is considered next to google.Having a good technorati rank increases traffic.Technorati Tags help in increasing traffic.
Whenever someone searches a query on technorati with your tag.Your site will be displayed.
This is same as how in google.Just a slight difference is that in google keywords are considered but in technorati tags are considered.
To add technorati tags to your blog posts follow the link.


What presidents have in common?

Probably many people saw the picture where President Obama and President Sarkozy look like glancing at the back of a lady.
ThisSpecial Report panel all clears Obama in photo ridiculousness. Enjoy!


New Digsby release is here!

Hello everyone,
While ago we have been talking about cool program Digsby.

The new Digsby is here! This release includes some major improvements including:

* Performance: We've optimized performance from the ground up, reducing overall CPU usage by about 50%
* Buddy List Search: Press Ctrl+F to easily search your buddy list or the web
* Emoticons: Added four new emoticon packs to choose from
* File Transfers: Improved the reliability of AIM, ICQ, and MSN file transfers
* Conversations: Added an option for new IM windows to start hidden and blink the tray icon instead of popping up a window
* New Infobox: The infobox now uses the same user interface control as the IM window (WebKit), making it much faster and more versatile
* Twitter: Added Retweet support
* MySpace: Added support for setting status on MySpace
* Google Talk: Added support for the Invisible status on Gtalk
* And More: Over 100 other bug fixes and enhancements!

We invite you to take the new Digsby for a test drive.

Download Now: http://www.digsby.com


Blogger Templates

Many bloggers that use the Blogger platform don't expand on trying to make their blog look the best that it can be, they just stick to the default templates that Blogger provides. What most people don't know is that they can download, then upload their own template onto their blog. To upload a template, go to layout> edit HTML, then you have the option to upload a template, that is where you upload the templates. Today, I will show you different sites to find amazing Blogger templates....

1. Blogger  Styles

   Blogger Styles is probably one of the most under-rated Blogger Template Sites out there. It is not a popular site for these templates, but it is definitely one of the best sites that I have ever seen for Blogger Templates. With a wide selection of original, and professional templates, they are one of the best sites out there. 

    2.    BTemplates
 BTemplates is probably the most popular website for Blogger Templates out there. With a large selection of Blogger templates, there is probably one there for everybody. Though BTemplates, is not my favorite Blogger Templates site, the recent templates that look amazing, have brought BTemplates to number two.

 3. Our Blogger Templates
Our Blogger Templates is another un-popular, under rated website for Blogger templates. They don't have the best templates, but there are some templates that are amzing, and look very professional, which is probably the only reason that it is number three.

 4. Blogger Templates
Blogger Templates is another un-popular Blogger templates website. They have number 4, because many of their templates are great for small buisnesses and the templates can fit many different types of companies. The only reason that it didn't make it any higher is because these templates aren't perfect for normal, personal blogs.

 5. eblog templates
Eblog Templates is one of the more popular websites for blogger templates. There are good templates, but not top notch. The other downside is that they require you to make an account to download the templates instead of a come in, go out sort of feel. It might take 15 minutes to make an account and download a template here, when it might only take you 2 minutes on the other websites.
About The Author: Andrew
 Andrew at Tech Plus loves to share thoughts and ideas about blogging and design. He is a web designer and works with HTML 24/7. You can find him at http://techplustips.com/



Beat Stress with online games

This post is published by Salman of Blogging Tips

Every year on the Internet something new happens. A lot of discussion takes places about pluses and minuses. For last few years, online games are becoming a rage on the Internet. As expected, anything that becomes successful invites criticism. But the benefits may far outweigh the dangers. How about online games?

Online Games - why people play? Why do we do anything- because we love doing it? By natural instinct every animal seeks pleasure and runs away from pain. None of us likes the idea of getting admitted to a hospital, because that may be painful. All of us enjoy meeting friends because that is pleasant. It is true with games. Why no body is asking about the reason of popularity of games? The answer is very simple. Games make us feel good.

Addiction - anything that gives joy can be addictive. Some of us are addicted to adventures. They keep trying new adventure again and again. Some of us are addicted to love. Some of us are addicted to meeting friends. Some of us are addicted to collecting costly cards and so on. Everybody is somehow addicted to do what he/she loves doing. The need is to check that the addiction does not hurt.

Beat Stress With Online Games - play selected online games whenever you get bored. Play for a certain time and then stop. As soon as you feel relaxed, it is time to move on to your work. Controlled game playing cab be a fantastic stress buster. Try it.

Article Source: http://www.a1-articledirectory.com


How to play music education games?

This is a guest post by Mohd Salman Baig of Blogging Tips

Do you want some easy to follow instructions to some musical games to play along with children?

The benefits of learning through playing games are enormous. Games help to inspire,motivate and learn much quicker and with much more fun.

In order to become sucessful at music, most people think that you need to sit at the piano every time you practice for a half an hour each day. This is a myth and is simply not true.

If you want your children to be great at music and therefore able to receive the full benefits of music at a young age, then it is important to mix up music practice at home and make it just as fun as any other fun activity you do at home.

Here are three examples of traditional well known games and instructions, you could play in your next home practice session with your children to help make practice more inspiring, varied and fun!

Musical Go Fish

Materials To make: 1) You will need to make 8 cards of the same size with different musical symbols or notation on each.

Using your printer, make two copies of the cards sheets you have just prepared. This will make 16 cards altogether to use in the game.

Objective: The rules are based on the classic version of "Go Fish".

Make a pair by matching cards which are the same. Pairs are placed in front of each player until there are none remaining in their hand. The first player to match all of their own cards and place them in front of them is the winner!

Preparation: Deal five cards to each player (can use more or less if desired to make game shorter or longer). Extra cards go in the middle face down on a pile.

Directions: Player 1 asks player 2 of their choice if they have one of their cards. Player 2 either passes over the card or if they don't have it says "GO FISH!". If the result is "GO Fish!" then player 1 picks up a card from middle pile. Every player has a turn until someone matches all cards in their hand and "Goes Out".

Musical Snakes and Ladders

Object: To get to the top before anyone else.

Preparation: 1)Make musical dice for the level you require.

2) Find a traditional snakes and ladders game board, or make up your own based on the traditional version. Place the game board in the middle of the playing area.

Each player needs a counter or button.

Directions: All counters are to be placed at the start. Each player in turn rolls dice, add the number of beats together and moves accordingly.

You can play the game with more than one dice if you would prefer the game to move faster.

There will be ladders to climb and snakes to fall down in the process of playing the game. This is a fun game of luck and skill!

Musical Snap

Preparation: 1)You will need to make a deck of 48 cards. Make 12 cards using musical pitches and / or notation and photocopy the four times.

Object: Two matching cards in a row wins the snap.The player with the most cards wins!

How To Play: Divide the playing cards up equally between players have two cards face up to start off two piles in the middle. Each player takes in turn to place their card on top of one of the two piles in the middle, until the two piles match. When a match is spotted, the first player to put their hand over the entire pile and call out snap, wins the card deck. The player with the most cards in the end wins!

Article Source: http://www.a1-articledirectory.com


Some Important interview concepts

This post is posted by Salman of Best Tips Blogging
Here are some common but important concepts which you could be asked to explain.

a) OOP: Object Oriented Programming is a programming model that relies on representing real world objects in your code. Using analogies with reality then makes it easier for you to design your program. There's obviously a lot more to this, so make sure you read up before wantonly dropping it into an interview. In general, praise it, for it is good.

b) SDLC: The Software Development Life Cycle is a bunch of procedures and documents that take a software project from a neat idea to a saleable product. There's the analysis, planning, design, coding, testing and finally the maintenence of the product. A sufficiently vague statement would be,"I think current SDLc models are long overdue for a revamp."

c) Garbage collector: A feature of Java an the .Net frameworks, the garbage collector is a process that cleans the system's memory of objects and variables that programs aren't using. So if you're asked how you're going to go about cleaning the memory in, say, C#, it's a trick question-you dont really need to-the garbage collector does it.

d) Classifieds: A novel concept, and what you'll need if you really try to bluff your way through a technical interview :D

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Handy VLC media player options

This is the guest post posted by Salman of Best Tips 4 Blogging.

VLC Media Player is probably the best video/music player available today. Here are some the cool options that can try out.

a) Often Used Shortcuts

VLC's shortcuts are very easy to understand and even if for some reason you are not comfortable with them, VLC allows you to customize them too. You will find them under 'Settings-->Preferances-->Interface-->Hotkeys' settings. Some of most commonly used shorcuts are listed below:

F Fullscreen view
Spacebar Play/Pause
S Stop
Ctrl+Q Quit
+/- Play clip Faster/Slower
N/P Next/Previous clip
Shift+Left/Shift+Right Jump very short
Alt+Left/Alt+Right Jump short
Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right Jump long
Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down Increase/Decrease volume
M Mute
Ctrl+M Show DVD menu

b) Video Settings

If you want to tweak the way your videos look or sound in VLC, use the Extended GUI(Ctrl+G) to view a various settings you can change - hue saturation, brightness as well as an equalizer for auido settings.

c) Mouse controlled VLC

You can use mouse gestures in VLC as well. Follow the steps given below:

* Enable the mouse gestures interface by selecting 'Settings-->Add interface-->Mouse gestures'.
Once you've done this, use the following gestures to control VLC.

Right:Play the next item in the playlist.
Up/Right:Go fullscreen.

If you would like the mouse gestures interface to be enabled everytime you start VLC, go to 'Settings-->Preferences-->Interfaces-->Control Interfaces' and check 'Mouse gestures control interface'.

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5 Windows tricks you didn't know

No matter how much we research, there's so much to Windows that we haven't yet discovered. Here are the top 5 tricks that you'll love to try out.

a) Folder Pictures

When there are a number of pictures in a folder, they tend to show up in numbers in the thumbnail view. Wouldn't it be great if we could display just a single photo as the Folder picture? Well, good news is on your way. We can do this by following the steps given below:

* Select the picture which you want to show up as your folder picture.
* Simply rename this picture to folder.jpg (You can also rename it to folder.gif).

b) Speed Up Your PC with a Pen drive

If you have a 1GB pen drive (2GB is recommended), then you can increase your system performance by moving your system Pagefile onto the pendrive. The trick behind this is that accessing flash memory is faster than the hard disk. You will need to do one thing after you move the system Pagefile onto the drive.

* Right click 'My Computer'.
* Select 'Properties'.
* Go to 'Hardware' tab an select your Pendrive.
* Click 'Properties'.
* Under 'Policies' tad, select 'Optimize for performance'.

That's it. You're done.

c) No Requirement of the Windows CD

Tired of looking for your Windows CD every time you encounter a problem? Well, you can escape that situation by following the given steps :

* Copy the entire CD onto your hard disk.
* Click 'Start-->Run' and type 'gpedit.msc'.
* Navigate to 'Computer Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->System'.
* Look at the right hand side to see 'Specify Windows installation file location'.
* Double click it and select 'Enable' and enter the path to your Windows XP setup file (setup.exe).

d) Disalbe Windows Key Shortcuts

If you want the users of your system to stop using the windows key shortcut, follow the steps given below:

* Click 'Start-->Run' and type 'gpedit.msc'.
* Navigate to 'User Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->Windows Components-->Windows Explorer.
* Enable the 'Turn off Windows + X hot keys' setting.

e) Disable some Control Panel Applets

If you want to remove some applets from the Control Panel so that other users of your system cant access them, follow these steps:

* Click 'Start-->Run' and type 'gpedit.msc'.
* Navigate to 'User Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->Control Panel'.
* On the right hand side, you'll see 'Show Only specified Control Panel applets'.
* Bear in mind that you'll have to know the exact names of the Control Panel applets to disable them. (For example, Add/Remove Programs is known as appwiz.cpl).


Find what people are searching for... And common sence answers!

Simply because they have some manners!

LOL, you just jealous!

It's very simple, you can do it at home! You take vodka and red bull, mix it well. Then, give it to your friend. That's the bomb! Oh, that's not what you were looking for?

I told you, "That's the bomb!"

According to WikiAnswers, "For the year 2009, Spring starts on March 20th."
I don't know about you, but I was taught that spring goes after winter and it should start on March 1th.

Dude, you're home and that lady that's yelling is your Mom!

By your question, it looks like you're from Turkey! Just kidding!

I never saw you! How can I tell?

Should I comment?

Because grass is green, and that would be ugly if sky was green too.

Why did you?

How would you answer this search queries?

By the way there's new search engine from Microsoft is coming up! Check out Bing!


Get all these programs, or just a few—they’re free!

I got update form Microsoft, and I was impressed with the new programs they provided me with. I want to share with you about them.

Here is the list of programs:

  • Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • Windows Live Toolbar
  • Windows Live Family Safety
  • Windows Live Movie Maker Beta
  •  ... and I already had Windows Live Writer
I will write little about each program, start from the first.

Windows Live Mail is a program that gives you ability to download, read and write emails on your computer. I use it with my hotmail.com account, and it works great! Also, you can sync calendar events, contact, feeds, and newsgroup.

Windows Live Photo Gallery, actually, I was really amazed with this software. This is your picture gallery where you can organize, fix, publish, email, print, view as slide show and many more extras. I would really recommend this software because of its compatability with Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Movie Maker Beta, even with Windows Live Writer. Also, Live Photo Gallery has really improved fix function, and one grate thing is ability to crate panoramic photos. Also, you can add some plug-ins like LiveUpload to Facebook, that makes it easy for anyone to upload their photos to Facebook.

Windows Live Toolbar, you always have quick access to Windows Live and Live Search, no matter where you are on the web. My favorite tool is the ability to sync favorites from Internet Explorer be able to use the from any computer that has Windows Live Toolbar.

With Windows Live Family Safety, you can decide how your kids will use the Internet. You can limit searches, block or allow websites, decide who your kids can communicate with when they’re using Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, or Spaces and monitor what websites they're visiting. Great tool for parents!

Windows Live Movie Maker Beta gives you ability to create movies from your pictures and video clips, and share them with your friends and family by publishing it on the web.

See the previous post about Windows Live Writer

To download this great programs in one place use this link:


Write your blog offline with Windows Live Writer

Bloggers, I discovered today one unique program that would ease your blogging experience. This is my first post that I’m writing in this program. Windows Live Writer is software that gives you power over your posts. It has so many plug-ins to insert table, bookmarking tags, maps, video, tags, photo album, hyperlink, files, etc. I has auto ping function. As I mentioned in the title that you can write post offline, but what I didn’t say yet that even though you have “real time” preview, exactly how it will look on your blog. I used it just for 10 minutes and I’m loving it.

I created video for your review to see if you would want to use it:
Explore the program for your self! Once again, it is free, what’s really uncommon from Microsoft. 

Need more help? Leave a comment.


How to make "contact me" form.

Today, I will show you how to make a "contact me" post. Go to Kontactr.com, and crate an account, It will take no more than 10 seconds. Furthermore, login to your around and choose what widget you want to use, however, I recommend using "Embed Widget - AJAX" that the one I use on my blog when you click "contact me"

Also, you can customize it, by changing Background Color, Text Color, TextArea Background, TextArea Text Color.
Well, when you are done with your editing, you write a new post as you usually do, then, copy and paste it in new post.
<script type="text/javascript"> id = your id number here; </script><script src="http://kontactr.com/wp.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Furthermore, follow this instructions:

Having problem installing it, or have any other question, do not hesitate, ask question. If it helped you say "thank you" in the comment.


Instant Messaging + Email Notifications + Social Networking = Digsby

Digsby is the great way to communicate with your IM + Email + Social Sites in one place. This software lets you chat with all your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber with one simple to manage buddy list.
Also, this is an email notification tool that alerts you of new email and lets you perform actions such as 'Delete' or 'Report Spam' with just one click.

Did you ever wish to have all your social networking sites in one place? Digsby is a social networking tool that alerts you of events like new messages and gives you a live Newsfeed of what your friends are up to.

Bloggers that wish to chat with people who came on your blog you can post a widget for visitors to chat with you!
It will look like this:

You can change the colors to sue your taste.