Windows 7 New Christmas and New Year Themepack 2010

Windows 7 News Christmas Themepack 2010

Windows 7 News Christmas Themepack 2010 | 7.8 Мб

With the approaching Christmas holidays began transforming not only the shop windows, which were adorned with various symbols of Christmas, but the user's desktop personal computers...



Microsoft® Office Professional 2010 free beta download

Office 2010 is scheduled for launch in June 2010, many users are able to test it out by downloading Office 2010 and using it till October 2010.
I have Office 2007 and I was thinking should I try it out? Well, I decided to give it a try since I can use it for free until October 2010, and more likely then I will update it to full version.


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Bloggers Entrecard Generator

We have created a brand new blog with Entrecard Generator for your convenience.  So, please visit it and add our banner to be added in the Entrecard Generator. Also, you can get free credits in short period of time.


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Best screen protector, protect the device and your eyes!

Electronic gadgets with LCD screens can be found everywhere. And the display surface is easily scratchable. Also, if you use your device outside, the display is hard to see.

iphone shown outside.jpg
There are many choices in screen protection, but only NuShield DayVue combines protection from scratches and sun glare. The NuShield DayVue has superb clarity and will allow you to read the display screen in indirect bright sun. The screen protector has an excellent anti-fingerprint layer that makes cleaning the surface easier and improves scratch resistance.

Free MP3s download from Amazon.com

Amazon.com: 25 days of free MP3s

Every day for the month of December until Christmas, Amazon.com offers a free MP3 song download.