Blurb: An Easy Way to Make Your E-Book

First of all, I apoligize for non-frequent posts. Vitaliy seems a little busy now adays so it might seem a little inactive. Anyways, back to the post. Blurb is an amazing system that can really help you make an e-book.
Why Would I Want an E-Book?
E-Book's have been very popular from bloggers and many love to make these. They can explain their overall opinion on things and give their readers more information about the topic.

Why Waste the Time to Do So?
Well, overall, bloggers make e-books to get a profit. Whether that profit is of money, subscribers, followers etc, usually the blogger chooses. I would reccomend that if your e-book is 70+ pages, that you ask for money. 70-, you should just ask for subscribers or followers. I would also reccomend that you price the book a dollar per every ten pages.

So, What is this Blurb thing?
One of the main problems that bloggers have is making the e-book. Yes, Microsoft Word could be easy, but formatting, adding a cover, pictures etc is usually very hard. Blurb's BookSmart is a big help. It formats your whole book for you and makes sure everything is in place.

After I get My E-Book Done, How do People get it?
I will cover that in the next post in this series.