Save Signal on iPhone 4. Less dropped calls. Solutions for iPhone 4 antenna concerns.

Due to placing the hand over the antenna on the left-hand corner of the phone many iPhone 4 users are experiencing a loss of signal strength, dropped calls, and also, data connections.

There have been many recommendations on how to solve the problem, some say to avoid placing hand over the left-hand corner to prevent contact with the antennas, some to use the bulky case, or duct tape. It may help reduce the problem, but iPhone won't look and feel the same, and something so stylish will become ugly and bulky.

So what is the solution Explore Computer World recommends? We recommend invisibleSHIELD for the iPhone 4 that would cost from $9.99 to $24.99


Where you can buy it? 

You can go to Zagg.com with provided link. Just click link.

If you're using it please leave some comment on how you like it. Does it work for you? Would you want one?