Wibiya’s New Platform – 1st Edition

Brand New Application Pages and a New Work Flow

Watch this video to see the new web application installation flow:

Faster & Better Toolbar with Brand New Application Pages

Wibiya is much faster now! 
How much does the toolbar weigh?
The toolbar itself weights only around 20KB.
That's smaller than an average image file.
Translation for tech geeks:
The toolbar is in fact a JavaScript object that encapsulates HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
This structure is slim, highly efficient and saves unnecessary calls.
Also, JS and CSS are minified to ensure the toolbar’s minimal size.
Does the toolbar affect page loading time?
Not at all, the toolbar is designed, by default, to load after the page content loads to make sure the content will always load first (you can easily override this feature and force the toolbar to load first)
Also, we use a technology that ensures the toolbar loads in the background so other page elements will not wait for it to finish loading.
Translation for tech geeks:
Wibiya's toolbar uses an asynchronous loading mechanism called JS Loader Prototype. This allows other page elements to load simultaneously.
What about images?
An average toolbar contains more than 30 different images (!). Wibiya uses a unique ‘Spriting’ system. This means that every icon, photo or image is encapsulated within a single graphic file. Even when you upload one of your own images, the toolbar will automatically create one graphic file from all the images. This method reduces of the number of calls for graphic files to only one call! That will save a lot of loading time.
Translation for tech geeks:
Using CSS Sprite instead of multiple graphics files is becoming more and more popular. It allows a reduction of the number of calls and the overall weight of the graphic assets. Wibiya also optimizes the sprite file (PNG format) to ensure a minimum weight and faster load.
My website is quite popular. Will this affect the loading time? Can you handle heavy traffic?
Wibiya is designed for heavy traffic. In fact, the toolbar and its assets are hosted by a powerful global CDN (Content Delivery Network) that ensures fast delivery all around the world.
Translation for tech geeks:
Wibiya's CDN is powered by EdgeCast, well known for their very high performance and reliability with POP's in many locations around the world. Wibiya also uses a smart caching system that ensures the data (HTML, CSS, graphics etc) will only load once and will reside on your browser cache until the toolbar is updated or changed.
If your service is down, will it affect my website?
No. Wibiya downtime will not affect your site in any way. In addition, Wibiya is obligated to a near 100% uptime!
More for techies:
In order to handle any unexpected issues Wibiya uses a Graceful Degradation system that makes sure the toolbar only loads when the service is up and running. In any other case (service is down or slow) the toolbar will not load and will not affect the website in any way.