Guest Blogging at Basic to Pro.

Checklist: How to "correctly" write a post!

I did a guest blog post over at Basic to Pro.

It even looks like I am now an “official contributor“.

I met up with the Basic to Pro team by commenting on their blog at Basic to Pro it seemed like they liked what I said. Basic to Pro is the blog and the name tells everything. They give beginner bloggers a good tips on how to blog.

Stop by and give it a look.


Andrew said...

Hey Vitaliy! Thanks for posting about us and you are an official Contributor! You can even have add space if you want... I was just wondering how you found out about Basics to Pro? I am glad you did, our advertising must have been effective. But I was wondering how you specifically found out about us. Thanks,
Andrew from Basics to Pro

Vitaliy said...

Andrew, I don't know if you gonna believe, but I clicked on BlogUpp! and there was something that grabbed my attention. Thanks for commenting!

Loren said...

Excellent Post my friend. Keep up the great work!

Vitaliy said...

Thank you, Loren! I have great teachers! ;)