Photo Editing Program- Picasa

Program Picasa is a modern computer program which is created for work with images, pictures, drawings, photos. This unique program helps to adjust contrast, color of the image, to make photos more accurate, tone softer, to clean "red eyes" in a photo, to reduce images till the necessary size.It is necessary to understand a little how it works.
So, to start work it is necessary to keep the necessary quantity of photos in the program by means of function "Import" in the program. Having pressed it, it is necessary to choose a folder or another devices, where it will be necessary to receive photos. Further - to allocate and press the button "Import all" or to allocate some and to press "Import chosen".
Further they remain in memory of the program in the original size. How to work with a photo? To choose the desirable image in the program, the picture will be reflected in program "desktop". It is possible to start to edit.

"The basic operations" allow to cut off a photo till the necessary size, to level, clean effect of "red eyes", function "to me will carry" does colors brighter, sated, contrast and color "autocorrection" allow to achieve more exact image, color correction in more suitable tone. Here too it is possible to "clarify" a photo if it has turned out too dark.
Photo "editing" will allow to make a photo more dark, light, tone cold, or than tone is warmer. By means of "Effects" it is possible to add clearnesses to the image, or to make its granular, more volume. Also the photo or its any part can become black-and-white, "soft focus" will allow to make a background washed away, and the image to leave accurate.
If changes were not pleasant, it is possible to press simply the button "Cancel editing". To change the size of a photo it is enough to press "Export" and in the appeared window to change for the necessary size. Further to choose a folder for moving. Program Picasa opens new possibilities for users and professionals.

A short explanation on the benefits and features of online photo sharing.

Check out another program from Google.
It is really good photo editing program if you keep in mind that the program is free.
What photo editing program do you use?


Andrew said...

I am using Picasa now! I highly look forward to your post tomorrow, and I am looking for more authors. As you can see I had some bloggers try out but weren't what we were looking for so if there is anyone that you would recommend, I would highly appreciate it.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai said...

Pretty informative post!

But since by default all blogger images are stored in Google Picasa so I guess may be you will like to try something more multi-functional like Photobucket.
To read more on photobucket may be your readers will enjoy this post ->
Get a Free Photobucket to host, customize your Pictures and videosRegards
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Vitaliy said...

Thank you, Mohammad!

I checked your post, I enjoyed it, and recommend to my readers!