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Many bloggers that use the Blogger platform don't expand on trying to make their blog look the best that it can be, they just stick to the default templates that Blogger provides. What most people don't know is that they can download, then upload their own template onto their blog. To upload a template, go to layout> edit HTML, then you have the option to upload a template, that is where you upload the templates. Today, I will show you different sites to find amazing Blogger templates....

1. Blogger  Styles

   Blogger Styles is probably one of the most under-rated Blogger Template Sites out there. It is not a popular site for these templates, but it is definitely one of the best sites that I have ever seen for Blogger Templates. With a wide selection of original, and professional templates, they are one of the best sites out there. 

    2.    BTemplates
 BTemplates is probably the most popular website for Blogger Templates out there. With a large selection of Blogger templates, there is probably one there for everybody. Though BTemplates, is not my favorite Blogger Templates site, the recent templates that look amazing, have brought BTemplates to number two.

 3. Our Blogger Templates
Our Blogger Templates is another un-popular, under rated website for Blogger templates. They don't have the best templates, but there are some templates that are amzing, and look very professional, which is probably the only reason that it is number three.

 4. Blogger Templates
Blogger Templates is another un-popular Blogger templates website. They have number 4, because many of their templates are great for small buisnesses and the templates can fit many different types of companies. The only reason that it didn't make it any higher is because these templates aren't perfect for normal, personal blogs.

 5. eblog templates
Eblog Templates is one of the more popular websites for blogger templates. There are good templates, but not top notch. The other downside is that they require you to make an account to download the templates instead of a come in, go out sort of feel. It might take 15 minutes to make an account and download a template here, when it might only take you 2 minutes on the other websites.
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