Handy VLC media player options

This is the guest post posted by Salman of Best Tips 4 Blogging.

VLC Media Player is probably the best video/music player available today. Here are some the cool options that can try out.

a) Often Used Shortcuts

VLC's shortcuts are very easy to understand and even if for some reason you are not comfortable with them, VLC allows you to customize them too. You will find them under 'Settings-->Preferances-->Interface-->Hotkeys' settings. Some of most commonly used shorcuts are listed below:

F Fullscreen view
Spacebar Play/Pause
S Stop
Ctrl+Q Quit
+/- Play clip Faster/Slower
N/P Next/Previous clip
Shift+Left/Shift+Right Jump very short
Alt+Left/Alt+Right Jump short
Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right Jump long
Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down Increase/Decrease volume
M Mute
Ctrl+M Show DVD menu

b) Video Settings

If you want to tweak the way your videos look or sound in VLC, use the Extended GUI(Ctrl+G) to view a various settings you can change - hue saturation, brightness as well as an equalizer for auido settings.

c) Mouse controlled VLC

You can use mouse gestures in VLC as well. Follow the steps given below:

* Enable the mouse gestures interface by selecting 'Settings-->Add interface-->Mouse gestures'.
Once you've done this, use the following gestures to control VLC.

Right:Play the next item in the playlist.
Up/Right:Go fullscreen.

If you would like the mouse gestures interface to be enabled everytime you start VLC, go to 'Settings-->Preferences-->Interfaces-->Control Interfaces' and check 'Mouse gestures control interface'.

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