Changes coming to Get Satisfaction

If you have ever noticed a button that says "Feedback" on it. That is Get Satisfaction button to our Explore Computer World Get Satisfaction community where we were answering questions. Today, I got email from their team talking about changes. So I have posted it here for you:


Changes are coming!

Changes coming to Get Satisfaction

First of all, we'd like to thank you for being a part of Get Satisfaction. You've helped us become the most popular network of customer communities on the Web since our launch a little over two years ago.
We wanted you to be one of the first to know of some exciting changes to our plans that we'll be announcing over the next few weeks.
We will be announcing a new lineup of plans that make our most popular features even more affordable, starting with a new entry-level offering that includes moderation tools on a limited plan for under $20/month. This will also include a 14 day free trial so you can try it out before making a purchasing decision.
As a part of this shift we are making some changes to the free service. While hosting a Get Satisfaction community will continue to be free, all moderation actions will require upgrading to a paid plan. Currently, official reps and admins in free accounts have the ability to set an employee reply as the best answer from the company, as well as to set the status on a topic. These actions will now require a plan that includes moderation tools.
More details will be coming soon, including a live webcast followed by a Q&A session. We will send out details for the webcast later in the week.
For a better understanding of the thinking that is going into this change, please visit theblog post by our CTO, Thor Muller. And if you have questions or comments, please visit the Get Satisfaction support community.
Thank you,
  • The Get Satisfaction Team

Do you think since it got cheaper you would use it for your blog/website? Why or why not?