Find what people are searching for... And common sence answers!

Simply because they have some manners!

LOL, you just jealous!

It's very simple, you can do it at home! You take vodka and red bull, mix it well. Then, give it to your friend. That's the bomb! Oh, that's not what you were looking for?

I told you, "That's the bomb!"

According to WikiAnswers, "For the year 2009, Spring starts on March 20th."
I don't know about you, but I was taught that spring goes after winter and it should start on March 1th.

Dude, you're home and that lady that's yelling is your Mom!

By your question, it looks like you're from Turkey! Just kidding!

I never saw you! How can I tell?

Should I comment?

Because grass is green, and that would be ugly if sky was green too.

Why did you?

How would you answer this search queries?

By the way there's new search engine from Microsoft is coming up! Check out Bing!


Salman said...

Awesome blog keep it up.I love reading the reviews


Vitaliy said...

Thank you, Salman!

Salman said...

You haven't updated since my last comment.Update your blog regularly.


Salman said...

I want to give one appreciation about your blog.That is you have placed your labels in a superb way.I like it.