Write your blog offline with Windows Live Writer

Bloggers, I discovered today one unique program that would ease your blogging experience. This is my first post that I’m writing in this program. Windows Live Writer is software that gives you power over your posts. It has so many plug-ins to insert table, bookmarking tags, maps, video, tags, photo album, hyperlink, files, etc. I has auto ping function. As I mentioned in the title that you can write post offline, but what I didn’t say yet that even though you have “real time” preview, exactly how it will look on your blog. I used it just for 10 minutes and I’m loving it.

I created video for your review to see if you would want to use it:
Explore the program for your self! Once again, it is free, what’s really uncommon from Microsoft. 

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Anonymous said...

is this option only for those who blog using blogger.com? or can the program be used with every blog platform?


Vitaliy said...

Yes, this program is for any blog platform.