Promote Your Blog for Free

If you want let people to know about your blog or site you can promote it for free. No personal Information, no Submission, you just get the code and post it on your site or blog.
Here some statistics for my blog:

One day I got 1637 impressions for my blog. I didn't get a lot visits, yet, but in future I think I will get more. How would your sited behave with more visits?

Here are some things about the site that makes it different from other sites:

  • No signup, no private details
  • No ad submission, no efforts
  • Multilanguage support
  • Multilevel blog targeting
  • Premium offering available
  • Cheat-proof and fair sharing
  • Welcome bonus for everyone
  • Blogspot, Wordpress and alike friendly
  • Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9)

You can submit your blog fast and easy! I was able to submit my link right away without any problems.

Here is the link: http://blogupp.com
If this seems like something that you would like to check out, feel free to do so.

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PCSitePals said...

Thanks for this tip. I just posted it to my blog and the good thing is it isn't some gawdy looking thing. I just hope it works now.