Program SAM can make Skype much more effective.

Hardly someone from users of the Internet is still unfamiliar with program Skype because it is used today worldwide by millions people. But in this article I would like to tell not about Skype and its possibilities, but what can make Skype much more effective.

The program sam has been developed for this purpose.
To begin with it is necessary to notice that the program sam represents a part of a range of the products in which release company KishKish is engaged.

With pleasure I will share with you impressions of using SAM, but nevertheless I advise to you to try all its advantages personally. I am assured that you will remain happy with it, as well as I am. I give you opportunity to download it directly from pages of my blog.

The program SAM will render the real help in development of small and average business.

Well, what is SAM? I will answer simply: the program SAM is an answering machine for Skype. And one of the main thing that this program can do is to leave you a greeting for answering entering call when you are not online!

To download the program SAM click this button!

Here are some key features of "SAM Skype Answering Machine":

· Enhanced user interface
· Simple installation
· Straight forward configuration
· User interface localization
· Voicemails can be recorded in CD quality and stored as MP3 files
· 'Play all New Message' with the hit of one button
· Configurable text & voice greeting messages
· Configurable global answering mode: Enable or Disable
· Configurable answering On or Off for Skype's online mode
· Configurable delay before answering incoming calls
· Configurable voice message recording duration (0 to 10 hours)
· Option for a separate set of configurations for non-buddy callers
· Notification of operational status using changing icons in the system tray
· Detailed voice message information: Caller name, Skype online status, time of call, duration, new/heard icon
· Run multiple instance of SAM under different Windows users
· Play Video Greetings
· Auto Reject Call Waiting
· "Take Control over Call" from SAM while voice greeting is played or during recording the callers voice message
· "Force Answering of Call" by SAM while incoming call is ringing
· Mute control of speakers while incoming call is answered
· Automatic check for updates and support
· Screen reader friendly user interface
· Dedicated software audio device included
· Enhanced internal audio handling for better quality and very short delays

What you think about this program? Will you use it?

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