Recently, Blogger has finally came out with its "read more" feature. People have been bugging Blogger for this feature for years now, so they can make their blogs look even more like professional websites.
The read more feature has been available for those genius's who are smart enough to hack into their HTML and get a read more button out of it like this blog, Explore Computer World. Vitaliy got the read more button for us. Now, anyone, even if you don't know any HTML, you can add a read more button to your blog.

Blogger calls this new feature a "jump break". You simply write what you want to appear on the main page, push the jump break button, and type the rest. Not only did Blogger finally release this new feature but you can choose what the link says.

For example, on many blogs, the link text is just "read more". Now you can change it to "continue reading" or "read the whole thing". It is pretty simple to set this up. Go into layout>page elements. Then click on blog posts and in the top right corner it will probably say the custom "read more" or "continue reading". Change that to your liking.


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