31 Days to Build A Better Blog

I have been meening to buy this book for some time now but I didn't get it until the day long sale came. I bought ProBlogger's 31 Days to Build A better Blog for a sale's $9.97. I've already done Day 1 and I have already became a better blogger.

A while back, Darren Rowse asked his viewers on Twitter if they wanted to improve their blogs. There was an amazing amount of people that replied. The 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge was born.

Rowse gave daily tips about how to make his viewers blogs better. After the 31 days, his viewers wanted even more! Darren knew what to do, he wrote the eBook.

At $20, sales weren't what Darren expected, but later that changed. After the word got out about what was in the book, and how helpful it was, sales got off the charts and pulsed to new heights. The eBook was purchased by a number of people and none of them have not gotten a better blog. These tips are amazing and helpful and I would recommend you to buy it.

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