Some Changes...

As you can tell, there has not been many posts lately on Explore Computer World. Vitaliy has been very lately and has not been able to do much here lately. So I am here to help bring Explore Computer World back!

My name is Andrew Sanders and I am pretty much a proffesional at graphic design and such. Im a friend of Vitaliy's and I have done much of the design for this blog. For example, I worked on this template for Explore Computer World, the header, and I have done many of the design of this website. I have also done a few posts in the past including the post, "Blogger Templates".

A few changes to come are of the following...
  • A new FavIcon √
  • Possibly a new header √
  • Many new exciting events!
I would also like to ask Salman from Blogging Tips to keep posting here. He has contributed to our website a lot.

You can also visit us at http://explorecomputerworld.us.tt

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