Facebook Lite: When does Facebook stop progressing?

This morning, Facebook has just released a new version of itself; Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is basically the original Facebook, yet, it is much easier to navigate and get around. Facebook reilized why Twitter was so popular; it was much faster and easier to use. So now, Facebook creates its own fast
and easy version of itself, and in my opinion, I think Facebook will continue to grow, even though it is already has more users than any social media site on the world. When will Facebook stop progressing?

     Facebook was founded Feburary, 2004 by a Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg. He simply created it in his dorm room, and now, he is the owner and founder of the biggest social media website in the world. Of course, it wasn't that simple. He had to hack into Harvard for information and such. He was charged with many cases, all were eventually dropped.

-This was Facebook, 6 days after it was created. Mark intended for Facebook only to be for college students and nothing more. He didn't expect it to get popular, in fact, he barely thought that word would get out more than his friends group.... he was very wrong.

- This was Facebook as of 2006. More and more people joined Facebook, and Facebook became a little more popular. Then again, it wasn't popular enough to go on the news, or even to have many people blog about it. Myspace was the leading social media networks, in fact, it was one of the only ones.

- Facebook finally started to progress into the worldwide leading social media website in 2007. Mark changed the template yet again and hired more people thann ever before. Nowadays, there are about 1000 people for Mark, helping run Facebook. This template is pretty much the same as nowadays, only slightly different. From 2007 on, Facebook has just continued to get larger and larger, and on Sep. 11 2009, they realease Facebook Lite. This even make Twitter, bite the dust.

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