Helpful Toolbars: Wibiya

Wibiya from Modern Patterns has been a hit with many active bloggers. It is a widget that is a toolbar that works with Wordpress, Blogger, and many other blogging platforms that allows viewers to get up to date with your news. Here are a few cool features from Wibiya...

-Search Bar
You can choose to search the blog that you are on or, you can do a Google search, straight from the Wibiya toolbar.

You can also choose to translate the webpage with Google's Translate. You can translate webpages from English to Dutch.

-Recent and Random Posts
There are a few buttons that allow you to either look at recent posts, or, you can just go to a random post if you don't know where to start!

-RSS Feed
You can also have a pop-up RSS feed window straight from the toolbar so you don't have to leave the webpage.

You can share a website or post via Wibiya's share button. You can tell your friends about the website or post from many different social networking sites.

-Twitter and Facebook Updates
You can look at the webpage's Twitter and Facebook updates with this button.

-Latest Notifications
As a webmaster, you can change your website's latest news and notifications for all viewers to see when they arrive at your webpage.

  • Very useful and helpful to your visitors
  • Improves how proffesional your blog looks
  • Can even help the administrators out!
  • Small Management Team- when you register, it can take days to finally get the Wibiya Widget


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