MS office shortcut keys

This is a guest post from Salman of Blogging Tips

A-Z Shortcut keys:
  1. Ctrl+A To select all
  2. Ctrl+B Apply bold formatting
  3. Ctrl+C to copy
  4. Ctrl+D Change the font
  5. Ctrl+E To center a paragraph
  6. Ctrl+F To find
  7. Ctrl+G For go to command
  8. Ctrl+H To replace
  9. Ctrl+I To make italic
  10. Ctrl+J To justify a paragraph
  11. Ctrl+K To insert hyperlink
  12. Ctrl+L To left align a paragraph
  13. Ctrl+M Indent a paragraph
  14. Ctrl+N To open a new file
  15. Ctrl+O Open a old file
  16. Ctrl+P To print
  17. Ctrl+Q Remove paragraph formatting
  18. Ctrl+R Right align a paragraph
  19. Ctrl+S To save the file
  20. Ctrl+T Create a hanging indent
  21. Ctrl+U To underline the selection
  22. Ctrl+V To paste
  23. Ctrl+W To close the word
  24. Ctrl+X To cut the selected paragraph
  25. Ctrl+Y To Redo
  26. Ctrl+Z To undo
Some numerical shortcuts

  1. Ctrl+1 single space line
  2. Ctrl+5 set 1.5 line spacing
  3. Ctrl+2 Double space line
  4. Ctrl+= Apply sub script formatting