How to get free internet on your Tmobile phone

You can get free internet on your T-mobile phone, it's not some kinda of hack or something illegal. If you have T-mobile you probably have t-zones, the internet icon in phones menu that on my phone looks like this:

Well, simply click this icon it will open Home page of it. At the top click Web and if you don't have monthly subscription to internet it will give you Free Site of the Week. Click on the site, for example this week's free site is eBay.com. When the site opens click options on your phone and Add Bookmark. Now you have one free site you can access from your Bookmarks even when free week will end. Next week you can add new website, and collect enough sites to check emails, read news, shop online, socialize with friends and that's all for free in the palm of your hand. Just to demonstrate, here the sites I can access for free on my phone so far:

4/14/10 --- Added  more sites: National Geographic, NBC, MTV, Moviefone location, Red Carpet. More next week.

4/7/10 --- Check out next week for more sites: National Geographic, NBC, MTV, Moviefone location, Red Carpet.

3/10/10 --- The website from ECW for today is Google Reader. You practicly can add any website or blog into GReader and have it on your phone. 

3/2/10 ---I found how to access the Gmail for free on t-zones. I am so happy. I decided to give only to those people who would comment about this post, and who would ask for it. 

I just bought mouse pad with gel wrist rest on my phone at Ebay.com and payed with PayPal trough my phone. Awesome, and I don't have to pay for internet on my phone! I love T-mobile!

Did you like this tip? Was it helpful? Does it work with your phone? Please share what sites do you visit on your phone!

Add this site to bookmarks for more new free sites. We're still adding new sites.