how do i stop facebook lite, and use normal facebook

I want to stop using facebook lite and use normal facebook.com. So how can I fix it?

In this article we were talking about Facebook Lite. But what if you tried it and don't like it? How to change back?

Here is a solution to go back to default facebook.

  • On your facebook lite page ..click on 'Feedback' at the bottom of the page.
  •  Just above the comment box, there is an option to move back to regular facebook like this....

    [Looking to get back to the regular Facebook? (Just click here)]
    button.. click it & enjoy ur regular facebook

If that doesn't work try few other ways:

1. Manual Change of Facebook URL
After login, if URL is http://lite.facebook.com/ – remove word lite and try to access http://facebook.com for the normal version of Facebook.

2. Change Privacy Settings
While in Facebook Lite version: Click Settings, then click on Profile or Friendship link. You will get  this message:

This Feature Isn’t Ready Yet!

We’re working as quickly as we can to finish Facebook Lite.

In the meantime, you may find what you’re looking for on the main site
click on link "main site" that will redirect you to normal Facebook version.

3. Change Facebook Language
While in Facebook Lite version: Click Settings, and then click Language option. Chose language other than English and you will be automatically re-directed to normal version of Facebook with different language. Note: Facebook Lite only works in English language.

4. Clear Internet & browser history
You can manually clear internet and browsing history. In your browser click Ctrl+Shift+Del and Delete Browsing Data.

5 Flush DNS on the computer
Lastly, you can try flushing DNS cache on the computer and attempt to load normal Facebook. Click Start > Run and then type cmd in run box & click OK. In the black window, type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter. Then type ipconfig /registerdns and press enter.