Microsoft's Try at Google

Microsoft has launched their search engine, Bing. Though Bing is still "just a search engine" it is gaining on Google. Bing has many new and advanced features that are outside of Google's reach. Even though Google is one of the the worlds biggest companies, Bing might just be the better search engine...

One Reason Bing might be better...
TRAVEL: Unlike Google, Bing has an amazing travel feature, allowing you to find the cheapest and best deal on flights. Now, traveling is much more easier with Bing's feature. Plus, they have the Bing's seven-day tip. It basically predicts if within the next few days if the prices will rise or get even lower. This also tells you if you should buy now, or wait a little later. Do you have a favorite airline? You can wait look at the airline checker to see the cheapest flight prices for that airline, it is pretty handy.

One Reason Bing might be better...
VISUAL SEARCH- Another thing that is very different from Google is the visual search section. No, it is not like Google Images, though, Bing does have an image search. Visual Search gives you man different caategories, with pictures. After clicking on a picture, it takes you to a list of many sites that have to do with that category. They're main reason for doing this is to "give people more search ideas". For me, I don't just search for fun, I do it when I need information. I dont need "search ideas", I search when I need info on something.

Anyways, Bing is basically Microsoft's try at Google. Though Bing has a few extra features, the format is exactly like Google's. I think that Bing doesn't have a shot at what Google has done, but it is a great search engine and it is very well done.

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